Information about Zombitse Nationalpark

A dry forest in the southwest of Madagascar has been declared as a national park. This instigates at least some initial happy end to the long-standing disputes about this “wonder forest”

Encompassing an area as big as 36,000 hectar, Zombiste Vohibasia nationalpark is habitat to numerous half apes and a countless bird types.

Park entrance
Würgeficus The indigenous people, the Bara, regard themselves as ‘guards’ of the holy forest and hence act respectfully to heir surrounding nature. The discovery of diamonds within this region at the end of the 90s however brought an end to the preceding peace in this area.

Together with the regional decision bodies and the mine operators, the WWF has developed an action plan which aims to combine economic interests with demands concerning the conservation of nature.

“The very foundation of the national park itself has helped to bring us a great leap forward”, so the head of the forest area explained to the WWF Germany. Nature conservationists aim to slowly develop ‘slight’ tourism in the southwest of Madagascar in the future.

The new national park Zombitse Vohibasia can contribute to this. It presents a safe haven for the Lemurs and simultaneously increases the attractiveness of Madagascar as a travel destination.

Orchid flower in the dry forest
Text source: Arche Online